Yeah, I got Google #1 Ranking on Google Free Traffic!

Yeah, I got Google #1 Ranking on Google Free Traffic!

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This is unbelievable!  I am delighted to see that my video post on “Google Free Traffic” has received Google #1 Ranking!

This morning, I typed “google free traffic” into Google Search, and surprisingly, I note that a video post of mine appears on Google page 1 search results.  In fact, it currently ranks on Google #1 in Australia.

I have not checked its Google ranking in other countries (if you have a minute, can you tell me in the comment section its Google ranking in your country?  Thanks)

Google #1 Ranking on Google Free Traffic Search


In the video post, I shared a technique on how to get free traffic from Google.  It is a lovely surprise to receive a such a prominent Google recognition.  So if you keep up your good efforts in genuinely sharing your insights to help others and working on the on-page and off-page optimisation side of SEO, eventually good things will happen.

Exactly how Google ranks one site over another is one of the most closely guarded secrets of the web industry.  In the past 12 months, I have been working on a number of on-page optimisation techniques.  To me, the most important factor to get Google ranking and subsequent free organic traffic is consistent, relevant, original contents.

Search engines are continually evolving and the algorithm Google uses to rank sites changes constantly.  I highly recommend a powerful yet easy-to-use tool called Webfire to guide your optimisation and tweaking towards getting into Google page 1.  Here are some additional tips on achieving Google page 1 ranking, and ultimately getting free Google traffic:

Google Page 1

  1. Research and select the keyword that you would like to get ranked.  Use a free tool called Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help analyse and select the targeting keywords relevant to your chosen niche market.
  2. Wherever possible, include the keywords in your domain name.  For example, the domain name contains the keyword of social media marketing.
  3. Use Google Analytics (or Youtube Analytics, or Blogger Stats) tool to track daily traffic volume and traffic sources.
  4. Ensure the Title and Description sections of the website to have the exact match of the targeting keywords.
  5. Build as many backlinks as you can.  I find that this is probably not the most important determinant to Google ranking, as many of my web pages have only a handful of backlinks.  Having said that, I suspect the ranking will be strengthened as I build lots of more backlinks.
  6. Post relevant articles regularly, at least one or two a week.  It appears that relevancy and consistency is highly valued by Google in its ranking algorithm.

I will continue to share more tips and my experiences in this blog.  So stay tuned to learn more so that you can navigate through the magic Google ranking world.  Below is an excellent ebook from which you can learn how to get free traffic explosion!


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    Awesome advice. Thanks for following, you have a lot of great content that will help me and I look forward to absorbing more as it comes along.

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      Hi Matthew, glad to know that it’s helpful to you. Thank you for the positive feedback. Stay tuned for the weekly blog post updates.

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    Thanks Jackson, i registered a new blog and started blogging recently. I am glad to be in touch with this website as i am learning and receiving a lot of useful information here. Keep it up.

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      Welcome to the bloggers club! Happy blogging!

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