How to create Facebook custom audiences?

How to create Facebook custom audiences?

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What are Facebook Website Custom Audiences (WCA)

Website Custom Audiences is an ad targeting option that lets advertisers find their existing audiences among people who are on Facebook.

You can use the ads create tool or use Power Editor to create a Custom Audience.

What are the benefits of Custom Audience?

The customization potential is incredible, such as:

  • Target fans organically.
  • Target your email list or offline customers
  • Reach people who may not be either an offline customer or a Facebook fan, but who visited your website.
  • Isolate specific visitors within these Website Custom Audiences.
  • Focus only on those who visited a specific page or section of your site, or
  • Focus those who visited pages that included a particular keyword in the URL.


How to create Facebook Custom Audience?

Watch this video to see step by step instructions on how to create Facebook custom audience.


How to insert the pixel code to a WordPress site?

I came across an excellent WordPress plugin called Code Insert Manager.  It allows you to insert the pixel code into any pages of a WordPress site.

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