Facebook Custom Audiences Targeting Passionate Fans of Any Facebook page

Facebook Custom Audiences Targeting Passionate Fans of Any Facebook page

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Create Facebook custom audiences who have visited your site

In an earlier blog pos How to create Facebook Custom Audiences, I discussed a relatively new Facebook feature called Custom Audiences which enables huge potentials for customization and effective customer targeting.

I also provided a video tutorial on how to

  • Focus on those who visited a specific page or section of your site, and
  • How to use code insert manager to embed a remarketing pixel into your site so that you can capture those Facebook audiences.


Target Facebook audiences who are fans of your competitors’ Facebook pages

Today I am going to show you

  • How to target the fans of any Facebook pages including your competitors Facebook pages.
  • How to scrape their Facebook IDs and then
  • Create a custom audience so that you can place a Facebook ads with appropriate messaging to them.

Enjoy the video tutorial!


Due to popular request, we start offering service to help clients create custom audience.  Check it out below.

Facebook Custom Audiences Creation Service
Facebook Custom Audiences Creation Service

Our service includes the following:

  1. Research and target at your competitor’s Facebook page,
  2. Scrape up to 5000 fans of your competitor’s Facebook page fans, and
  3. Help create a custom audience for you on your Facebook account.
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  1. LandingPageSupport.com
    | Reply

    That is a great idea to offer this as a service. Please get back with me how you can further add value to your customers with a highly effective Facebook marketing training that your customers will love for sure – as they will results right away. Looking forward to connect with you!

    • Jackson Yin
      | Reply

      Hi Semmy, I have just accepted the Facebook connection request. Keep in touch!

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