Evernote, I love it!

Evernote, I love it!

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Have you used Evernote before?


Recently I came across it.  Wow, what a fantastic tool!  Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web.  And the good news, there is a free version as well!  See http://www.evernote.com.


I used to use Google Notes to synchronise across across my computer, mobile, and iPad.  But Evernote is more superior in terms of how and how well it helps you organize, find, and edit your notes. More importantly, Evernote integrates with dozens of other third-party tools, not to mention other useful apps and plug-ins under the Evernote umbrella (for example, Evernote Web clipper is a browser plug-in that quickly saves the contents of a Web page without making you copy and paste anything). The service just can’t be beat.

Keep everything in sync

With Evernote, all of your notes, web clips, files and images are made available on every device and computer you use.


Remember things you like

Save everything cool and exciting you see online and in the real world. Snap a photo, record some audio and save it.


Save favorite webpages

Save entire webpages to your Evernote account with our nifty web clipper browser extensions. You get the whole page: text, images and links.


Research better

Collect information from anywhere into a single place. From text notes to web pages to files to snapshots, everything is always at your fingertips.


Work with friends and colleagues

Share your notes and collaborate on projects with friends, colleagues and classmates.


Plan your next trip

Keep all of your itineraries, confirmations, scanned travel documents, maps, and plans in Evernote, so you’ll have them when you need them.


Evernote Premium vs. Free

Evernote Premium costs $5 per month or $45 per year and adds some noticeable perks to the free Evernote account. Free account holders can only upload 60MB of data per month, whereas paid users max out at 1GB per month, which comes in handy if you upload a lot of images and documents or clip a lot of Web pages. When Premium users enter search terms, Evernote not only scans typed content and images, but also hunts through PDFs.

Another perk for Premium users is offline notebooks, which isn’t a concern when using the Web app but does come in handy on mobile devices. This feature lets you save the most recent copy of selected notes locally on your device so they’re available to read and edit when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Premium users can give other users the ability to edit a note, adding collaboration to the experience. When you decide to share a notebook, you can to make the files viewable only, or both viewable and editable. You can require that they be an Evernote account holder or not. When you’re ready to share, one click sends a short email with a link to the files. (For additional details about Evernote Premium accounts, see Evernote’s information page).


Forever Note

You can do a lot with the free version of Evernote, and I would only recommend upgrading to Premium if you’re so committed to Evernote that it will be your one-and-only note-making app.  But, once you start using it, I suspect you will get addicted to Evernote soon!

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