Visual Contents With Impact – Part 2 Free Icons, Clip Arts, Objects

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If you want higher conversion rates and ultimately higher sales volumes then you need to know the 3 things that influence website conversion rates on a massive scale. 1) Copywriting – Pretty obvious and I don’t need to go into this, copywriting is essential if you want to move sheer volumes of your product. 2) Effective calls to actions – Another obvious one, make sure that you clearly state what you want your visitors to do and make sure they do it… which brings us to our final (and my most favorite) step: 3) High converting graphics and design – Yep this has become absolutely critical since the internet has matured. Nowadays you can’t get away with slapping up a simple text-based page and expecting it to sell… You need graphics and design to back it up and boy do I have some great news for you…   Ninja Graphics   In an earlier blog post, I shared some insights into where and how to get and use millions of royalty free images, and stock photos. In this post, I would like to share with you some free resources to get icons, and clip arts.  Watch the video to view more about tips on clip arts, and powerpoint objects. Icomoon icons

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