Do you remember all your passwords?

Do you remember all your passwords?

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Passwords are a pain!

One thing that I know I do at least 10 times every day is login to various websites with a username and a password.

Passwords have gotten so complicated that even people with ferociously sharp memories can struggle to recall the eccentric combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols. There are passwords for personal e-mail, work e-mail, bank accounts, Twitter, and Facebook, and woe to anybody who uses the same one for those two malware magnets.  On top of that, for many sites we have to regularly change passwords for security reasons.

How much time have we wasted in trying to recall the right passwords?


Making Time by Shaving Time

Last Pass for Internet Marketing Productivity

I recently started using a password tool called LastPass, and I like it.

LastPass slices through the Gordian knot of password management with a deft and effective cross-platform browser add-on.

With Lastpass, all I need to know is one master password in order to login to any site I need to access.  It saves time and headaches!

Moreover, Lastpass allows my assistant to login to sites without actually knowing the passwords to those sites – only needing to know just one master password.LastPass offers a shocking number of features. The free version will be more than enough for most users, while upgrading to the premium version will get you LastPass for mobile devices and browsers, remove ads from your vault, provide priority e-mail and phone support, and give you multifactor authentication. This heightened level of security requires you to use a YubiKey or USB key in conjunction with your LastPass master password to gain access to your vault.

Basic and premium users alike will get LastPass’ deep array of password-management tools. It will auto-detect username and password form fields. If it has the credentials for the page you’re visiting, it will ask you to fill in the info. You can also set LastPass to automatically fill in credentials, or even automatically log in. When you visit a site that you’re creating new credentials for, it will ask if you’d like it to create a password for you. Via the vault, you can change the default level of security for generated passwords. It will also detect when you’ve changed the password for a site that’s already saved, and ask you if you’d like to change the saved version.

From within the Settings option in the vault, you can change your master password, configure the vault auto-log-off time, change the default security level to one of three presets or customize a fourth, and manage equivalent domains and URL rules for sites with more than one log-in.

While LastPass can be used solely from its Web site, and provides a virtual keyboard so you don’t have to worry about a keylogger swiping your master password, some key features come only with the add-on. One of these is the on-the-fly creation of a one-time password, and there are others. The add-on menu shows you a list of recently used passwords, and allows you to copy credentials to your clipboard without revealing them first, fill forms, manage secure notes, customize hot keys, and change the LastPass icons.


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