Content Marketing Strategies

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Content is King

Why content is king?  Because in social media and internet marketing, content is critical in the following three aspects:

  1. Provide value to your audience
  1. Google ranking is ultimately dependant on the value and relevance of your content
  1. Backlinks to your site [referral], a key indicator of usefulness of your content

However, creating content takes time and efforts!

Content generation strategy

In the video I share an extraordinary way of generating contents, so that you could utilize your content in multiple formats and multiple social media platforms.

  1. Create the content in a Powerpointdocument
  1. Use Camtasia to record a voice narration over the PowerPoint slides, and produce a video
  1. Upload to Youtube

Content Marketing and Sharing Strategy

This video reveals a content marketing and sharing strategy to maximise the usage of contents. The strategy entails the generation of a powerpoint slide document so that you can produce a Youtube video, and then share your contents across multiple social media platforms including SlideShare, LinkedIn, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube. The PDF file and audio file can also be extracted as a special report, and podcast.


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