Best web design and best email marketing practices

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Best Website Design Practices

Last Friday, I was pleased to see the successful launch of a new website ( for the kit homes, and modular homes niche.

For the past two months, I have been working on the design and development of this site.  I have attempted to apply some of the best practices of website design:

  • Use a simple and easy CMS (content management system) - in our case, we have selected WordPress platform, which has been great;
  • Keep the navigation easy and straightforward.  We have designed the menu carefully and adopted sticky header;
  • The website needs to be mobile responsive.  In other words, the website should render well in a smart phone or a tablet screen.
  • Explore every possible avenue to facilitate visitors to opt-in, that is to leave their contact details.


Best Email Marketing Practices

 Last Wednesday, I sent out a pre-launch email to over 200 newsletter subscribers.

I was stunned when I saw the email analytics results

  • the email open rate is over 80%
  • the click rate is nearly 30%

It is widely know in the internet marketing cicles that the average email open rate is between 10% and 15%, and you would be happy to achieve a click rate of 5%.

So what make our email marketing results so outstanding?  What are the secrets.

Do you want to the best email marketing practices to triple or quadruple your email open rate and click rate?

View the video in this blog to learn more.


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